Tuesday, January 24, 2012

5 Ways in Which Environmental Management Can Help in Infection Control

Nosocomial infections are those that typically manifest themselves in a hospital setup. Such kinds of infection can spread in many different ways. That is where infection control comes in which is responsible to put in place various procedures and safeguards to minimize the risk of spreading diseases. Such controls have to work on several fronts, and though in the center of it all are patients, environmental management too is important.
The 5 ways mentioned below revolve around managing the hospital environment to check infection.
• Proper Ventilation: Suitable ventilation systems are of utmost importance whether it is a general area or a surgery room. The higher risk areas of a facility for transplants, operation and critical care must have filtration units for providing clean or ultra air depending on the room and the criticality of the procedures involved. If the patients' room or any general area is air-conditioned then the filters must be cleaned regularly. If instead of air-conditioning there are fans then its flow should be directed towards the nearest window and never towards other rooms or corridors. Also the use of fans must be avoided where the risk of airborne pathogens is high. A hospital's ventilation should be such that reduces the possibility of contamination and all the systems must be checked and maintained on a regular basis by the relevant personnel.
• Safe Water: Drinking water must be boiled or dispensed through purifiers. Also the dispensers for storing water must be completely sealed off against any kind of contact with hands or other materials, also the glasses must be disposable. In addition the tanks containing water for washing should be cleaned and monitored to keep any kind of contamination at bay.
• Maintaining Cleanliness: Cleanliness of the hospital is a fairly basic but important measure for infection control. While administrative sections of the facility can be cleaned like your house, the areas consisting of patients should be cleaned not by sweeping but with a mop soaked in a solution of hot water and detergent. A disinfectant may be added for certain specialized areas. Also any spills of body or fluids must be cleaned off immediately.
• Managing Waste: Waste generated by the hospital can literally be a reservoir for infection and must be handled accordingly. Such waste must be carefully segregated and stored in the proper container or bags which should be suitably marked. Their storage areas must have sufficient warning signs too. From here the waste can be sent to the incinerator and transported as per the requirements. Also remember that the personnel handling such waste must wear protective gear at all times.
• Laundry Services: Used laundry must be deposited in bags marked for the purpose, especially those that are contaminated by body fluids. Such laundry must be carefully transported with minimum agitation and ideally washed in washers with detergent and water at high temperatures, and then dried off in heavy duty driers.
A proper management of various environmental factors can be very effective for infection control in a health care facility.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Let's Shake Hands With Eco-Friendly Pencils

Do you want a clean environment? Let's take it as a big yes!!!
Our environment is our home, people dream, people talk big, people fight & and make new plans every night but its leads us nowhere but we need to think, what does it takes to live and create a peaceful environment. Let's move our spirited souls and take an oath!!!
We are what we are and we represent our nation and when it comes to us we are the best. When a kid grows up the first thing taught is how to hold a pencil. To make anything right we need to fix the roots first and start it from the scratch.
We can begin by taking the first step by using eco-friendly pencils which is an environmentally responsible choice to make. Most of us does not have a clue of the production process involved in making pencils, they leads to a great social cost, trees are felled in order to acquire wood which leads to deforestation.
Eco-friendly pencils are very useful as they are environment sensitive and are entirely produced from recycled waste materials. Unlike wood pencils, we have no wood slates to grind, no trees to chop, and no hexagonal figure to cut by crushing wood.
In fact it will prevent environment degradation every time you use it, they are much softer than the wood pencils, they do not contain chemical means that are harmful for the body, and due to the absorption properties of the paper pencil slippage caused by hand perspiration is much less as compared to the wood pencil. It has so many benefits, and no quality difference it gives you the same quality that you get from a wood pencil.
Eco-friendly pencils are not only cost-effective but are durable and have light weight, which gives a good grip and handling of the pencil while writing. It is easy to erase and can give a better presentation of work.
Deforestation is a contributor to Global warming. We can save hundreds and thousands of trees every year by promoting their use that would extract the carbon dioxide from the environment and release oxygen. Give a thought to what's going on and ask how you can take action and how you can hold this problem and make it a vital part of your life.
Avoid products that require trees to be cut down just for one product. Join hands to make a better and peaceful place to live.
The fine news is, while you're only one person, there is millions of one person out there, just like you, looking for ways to create a eco-friendly environment and the best way to start is by using eco-friendly pencils.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Cyclops As an Expert in Laser Hair Removal

Scott Summers, otherwise known as Cyclops, is widely understood as the leader of the X-Men. Cyclops first made his appearance in X-Men #1 which debuted in September of 1963. One of the original X-Men developed by creators Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, Cyclops' main power is his ability to emit an incredibly strong optic blast from his eyes controlled through a mask and other eye wear that covers Scott Summers' eyes. As a result, Cyclops can destroy buildings, machinery, or large robotic sentinels in a fiery demolition. With controllable technology, Cyclops can make precise laser cuts through glass or other metals which would have made him perfect given a need for laser hair removal.

Several of the X-Men are incredibly hairy. Take for example, Beast, a professor who, after a chemical accident, now lives and breathes as a blue-haired primate-like animal with hair that covers his entire body. If he ever needed a trim or precision laser hair removal, Scott Summers could have easily obliged. Take Wolverine for another example, notorious for his burly chest and mutton chops. If Wolverine and Cyclops were ever caught in the desert together, Scott Summers could easily give him a trim to not only keep cool in a desert climate, but to keep his mutton chops perfectly even.

Nightcrawler, Gambit, and even the young Jubilee may have sought out Cyclops' unique ability for beauty enhancement when not fighting other villains. Although Professor X was already bald, he may have also had a need for Cyclops' ability that many readers may not know about. Of course, this is entirely complete speculation, as Stan Lee has never revealed any cosmetic needs insofar as hair removal about the mutant classes. Since many fans and readers will never know, one can only speculate about the mutant need for beauty alterations involving a laser, specifically one emitting from the eyes of Cyclops.

Maybe Storm, Rogue, or his long love, Jean Grey, might call upon him for the ultimate bikini wax. With Cyclops' ability to control his laser blasts, he could have easily scored the ladies a precise laser hair removal service that they may not have otherwise been able to receive since many human businesses were skeptical of mutant customers. Had Jean Grey, his wife and long-time love, not been killed by Magneto in a later edition of the X-Men series, they could have easily retired into the laser hair removal business for mutants.

Such a shop would have been highly beneficial for mutants with super hair growth issues stemming as a byproduct of their mutant abilities. With Cyclops' unique abilities, he could have easily performed procedures for an array of mutants who required specialized waxes, shaves, trims, or complete removals. Nevertheless, this process would not have worked on Multiple Man, a mutant who, when other mutant powers were used against him, automatically created a duplicate of himself. This mutant customer would have clearly filled up Scott and Jean's laser hair removal shop to the brim.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

What Is An Oxygen Concentrator?

Oxygen concentrators are often used by people with chronic lung conditions or other disorders that cause them to have a lower than normal level of it in their blood. Although they aren't needed to ease symptoms of all lung conditions, they are particularly helpful in treating the symptoms of low blood oxygen levels.

The air around us generally contains 21 percent o2, which is the perfect amount to enable people without lung disorders to maintain a good blood oxygen level. Anyone with a condition that causes a lower than normal concentration of oxygen in the blood may be advised to use an oxygen concentrator.

Oxygen concentrators supply a much higher amount of oxygen per breath than what is available in the atmosphere, helping to increase the blood oxygen level of the patient. There is no need to carry around heavy gas cylinders, because portable oxygen concentrators extract oxygen from atmospheric air, and they are light enough to be carried around, giving you the freedom to go wherever you please.

Breathlessness can be eased with o2 therapy if it is caused by low blood oxygen levels, and there are several tests that can determine whether or not this is the cause of your breathlessness. An oximetry is a device that clips onto the end of your finger and measures your blood oxygen level, but in some cases a blood test may be ordered to assess the level of oxygen in your blood.

Once a low level has been diagnosed, your doctor will attempt to find the cause of it and treat the condition accordingly. If the condition can be treated, the low blood oxygen level may right itself meaning that you will no longer require a portable oxygen concentrator. More chronic conditions, however, may require long-term oxygen therapy. Your specialist will tell you how long to use your oxygen supplying equipment for each day.

If you have already been diagnosed with low blood oxygen levels, your specialist may prescribe oxygen therapy to ease your symptoms and make you more comfortable. Once oxygen therapy has been prescribed, the specialist will work out the oxygen system that would be best to meet your needs and arrange the delivery of equipment.

Portable oxygen concentrators give patients the ability to carry on with everyday activities that may have become impossible for them to do in the past. They can ease the feelings of tiredness and breathlessness associated with low blood oxygen levels, allowing patients to stay active for longer. There are some safety precautions to consider when using oxygen concentrators, however. It is important to stay away from naked flames, sparks or flammable materials, as higher concentrations of oxygen can be explosive. You will be strongly advised against smoking when using your oxygen concentrator, because as well as being dangerous it will limit the effectiveness of your oxygen therapy.

If you follow the advice of your specialist and the safety rules given to you by your equipment provider, you will be able to make the most out of your oxygen concentrator and improve your quality of life.