Wednesday, December 28, 2011

4 Reasons Why Accredited CPR Certification Is Necessary

When a person has stopped breathing it means that the heart has stopped pumping blood and thereby the supply of oxygen and blood to the entire body has stopped. This occurs when a person has a respiratory or a cardiac arrest. The only way to help save his or her life is to make use of the cardiopulmonary resuscitation, or CPR as it is known in short.

Any person who knows how to perform a CPR and has attended a CPR training session can undertake it as it is more important in such a situation to save a life. This is due to the fact that the person collapsing should be helped to revive breathing and heart beat so that they can survive till emergency medical service arrives. CPR is the only way to ensure revival of the patient till medical help arrives else it may be fatal or may even end causing severe damage.

While there are a lot of courses available that anyone can enroll in to get informed about the CPR process, there are only some courses that offer a genuine accredited course. There are also some organizations that offer CPR training for free. But if you are serious about learning the correct CPR technique and use it for your personal growth then there is no denial that an accredited certification is the best bet. The reasons for this are elaborated here:

• CPR certified persons from accredited organizations are in great demand these days. The paramedical services is growing at a very fast pace and it is expected that there is a need for over one million paramedics in the next couple of years. This is reason enough why any person should take up an accredited certified CPR course.

• The real advantage of getting a genuine certification in CPR lies in saving a precious life. It gives immense pleasure and satisfaction to the certified CPR specialist when they have successfully revived a dying patient.

• Even on the personal front CPR certification can be of a great help as family members, friends or neighbors do not have to reach out to medical help in an emergency situation. The certified person will be well equipped to handle a medical crisis quite easily.

• There are many other fields such as a fitness instructor, personal trainer or even a nanny that has great career advantage when there is CPR certification. Some of these career options do make it mandatory for the applicant to be CPR certified to be eligible for the job.

One has to bear in mind while choosing a CPR certification program that employers do not accept all CPR programs as valid certification. Thus if you plan to take up CPR training for gaining an advantage for your career, then ensure to go in for only accredited certification course in CPR. Also you may choose to pursue a basic CPR training or adult or child specific CPR training according to profession you are planning to take up.

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