Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Let's Shake Hands With Eco-Friendly Pencils

Do you want a clean environment? Let's take it as a big yes!!!
Our environment is our home, people dream, people talk big, people fight & and make new plans every night but its leads us nowhere but we need to think, what does it takes to live and create a peaceful environment. Let's move our spirited souls and take an oath!!!
We are what we are and we represent our nation and when it comes to us we are the best. When a kid grows up the first thing taught is how to hold a pencil. To make anything right we need to fix the roots first and start it from the scratch.
We can begin by taking the first step by using eco-friendly pencils which is an environmentally responsible choice to make. Most of us does not have a clue of the production process involved in making pencils, they leads to a great social cost, trees are felled in order to acquire wood which leads to deforestation.
Eco-friendly pencils are very useful as they are environment sensitive and are entirely produced from recycled waste materials. Unlike wood pencils, we have no wood slates to grind, no trees to chop, and no hexagonal figure to cut by crushing wood.
In fact it will prevent environment degradation every time you use it, they are much softer than the wood pencils, they do not contain chemical means that are harmful for the body, and due to the absorption properties of the paper pencil slippage caused by hand perspiration is much less as compared to the wood pencil. It has so many benefits, and no quality difference it gives you the same quality that you get from a wood pencil.
Eco-friendly pencils are not only cost-effective but are durable and have light weight, which gives a good grip and handling of the pencil while writing. It is easy to erase and can give a better presentation of work.
Deforestation is a contributor to Global warming. We can save hundreds and thousands of trees every year by promoting their use that would extract the carbon dioxide from the environment and release oxygen. Give a thought to what's going on and ask how you can take action and how you can hold this problem and make it a vital part of your life.
Avoid products that require trees to be cut down just for one product. Join hands to make a better and peaceful place to live.
The fine news is, while you're only one person, there is millions of one person out there, just like you, looking for ways to create a eco-friendly environment and the best way to start is by using eco-friendly pencils.

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